My name is Shannon. I'm a 2D animator who loves Vampires and Fire Emblem.
Currently making a cartoon about a kid and his future vampire boyfriend.

Things I Like

Fire Emblem (Awakening, Fates, Valentia & Three Houses)
Genshin (Been AR35 for almost a year)
Kuroko's Basketball (Favorite Anime of All Time)
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Final Fantasy 7 (Sefikura only)
Demon Slayer
Literally Anything with Vampires in it.

Please ask about reposting any artwork or videos of mine
Please don't QRT (Quote Retweet) my artwork on Twitter
I also do NOT support NFTs

Shannon, She/Her, Jamaican American,
Cis Female and Chaotic Bisexual.
-I was born in 1999
-Not a huge fan of my first name
-Feel free to call me Rose
-I draw, write and animate
-I hate arguing with people
-Akaashi and Mitobe are my comfort characters <3


REVAMPED is an Indie Cartoon featuring a highschool sophomore named Callum, who becomes friends with a vampire named William but doesn't realize he is one.FAQs
-Why Sophomores Specifically?
Because it's the best year to tell the best stories.
(Freshmen are freshmeat and juniors and seniors have to stress about what comes after high school.)
-Why Vampires?
Because vampires are cool.

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